PTI: A twinkle little star or a time bomb?

After decades in hibernation, the youth of Pakistan is finally starting to find its voice. Historically such huge turnouts of youth in political gathering is unprecedented, the only precedent which come to mind is the time when Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto introduced the slogan of “roti,kapra aur makan” (food, clothes and shelter). This slogan was music to the ears of many and before we knew it people clinged on to Pakistan Peoples Party and a landmark victory was achieved by Mr. Bhutto in the elections thereafter.

Imran Khan’s Politics has been a a breath of fresh air to many, his stance against corruption, money laundering and empowering youth has been the need of the hour. As expected the youth and the suppressed masses have clinged to Imran Khan and have been terming him as the Messiah. His Election Campaign has been the strongest of all parties, people have come in large numbers to sight a glimpse at their idol, cricketer turned politician. Probably the edge Imran Khan has is a clean slate, opposition parties are trying hard to look for cracks in his past records to be targeted which has been futile to a certain degree. So where is all this positivity leading the nation to? Will he be able to deliver the promised revolution and turn this republic into a welfare state?

Only time can answer these questions. However, one thing is for sure, nations change when youth motivated in a certain direction make their move. The key here is that the direction and objective have to be the clear and deep-rooted in all members minds. This is one worry many people have for PTI.  Looking to get away for the so-called old political parties, people from all different and diverse views have joined PTI. The leadership happy at seeing soaring numbers have been accepting them with open arms not knowing what kind of minds they are accommodating, will they preach the notion of PTI or poison the masses with their perplexed and fixed extremist ideas.

One can only look at past few months to learn a lot about PTI. Fights have broken out on party ticket allotments in various cities, Quetta and many important cities have witnessed it. There has been infighting between many of its members. politicians who have not been given the ticket in their previous parties are looking to join the free band wagon of PTI. Some of PTI’s senior most office holders are holding elections as independent candidates.

It is understandable that revolutions are always going to give birth to issues like the ones mentioned above, but it is an impediment that the masses are clearly taught and preached a single direction to move in. For example, lets take the issue of Sectarian violence and hatred. PTI’s manifesto has not a single word on what PTI will do to curb the spread of hate in society which is causing numerous  deaths every month. A vast majority to the extremists can be easily traced back to Madrassahs (religious schools) where hate preaching is unprecedented, above all teaching a notion of religion which is not even close to Islam . The followers are uninformed, have vague views  on these complex issue and many times fighting within each other on these issues.

Only yesterday on socail media, I put up a question asking PTIs silence on discrimination against Ahmadis a PTI supporter replied.

“@mashhoodpti because we hate ahmadis”

when asked if this was PTI’s official stance he replied “@mashhoodpti yes not only pti but all the muslims who love islam.”

Mr Mashood claims to be The Deputy Finance Manager, Tehreek e Insaf.

Many of PTIs office holders have been contacted on twitter numerous times on their stance and many dont reply and ignore.

Same can be said of Imran Khan, never once has he condemned the murder of any Ahmadi in Pakistan. He has been dodging questions for a long time now about the discrimination against ahamdis.  His party followers are confused and have no clear direction on such complex issues. Many are rightly very liberal and open-minded however many followers and youth are joining form hardline rightist parties like Jamaat e Islami. Imran khan himself  has a soft spot for such rightist parties and has been advocating on the possibility of an alliance with them in this election which could not materialize in the final stages.

Imran Khan today stands on a time bomb of people who within the party have the biggest divides in terms of views. In fighting will continue to grow and the internal clashes will get worse until the top leadership come out strong and give a clear vision on this issue of sectarianism which has been the catalyst on breaking the national spirit in Pakistan. Imran Khan has the task of putting his rules forward and making the masses accept them and implement them in their daily lives. Only then can this caravan sail smoothly towards its destination. If not, then its only a matter of time when these rifts blow the party apart and become a dead carcass for scavengers to feed on.


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