Our Terrorism Policy: Treating Cancer with Palliatives

Yesterday was just another day, 13 commando cops blown to pieces. Their bodies touched the heavens and fell back down onto fellow cops who survived the attack struck in a dilemma if they were still alive or was this their reincarnation from the dead. After more or less 8-10 hours everything was fine. A few statements from the politicians praying that the “Talks” should no be affected and there is a foreign hand bla bla bla.  The funerals done and everyone went to a nice goodnight sleep planning what Valentines day gift should they get for the loved ones and hardly thinking about what gift have the sobbing kids and devastated widows have been given on this day of love as it said to be.

Finally our government has got a road map to solve all problems and that is to talk to the people who are killing so many Pakistanis and if the talks fail the army has planned to take a full scale war to Waziristan. Brilliant. That means either way the problem will be solved forever? The fact remains both options leave minimal chance of victory. Either you fight them or you talk to them nothing is being done to cure the cancer of terrorism.

To tackle any problem the root causes have to be addressed. How are terrorists produced? How can blow oneself up in pieces? How can be such a dangerous ideology be engraved into such young children. Waziristan or Karachi, pulling up a barrell and passing a 9 mm piece of slug through a 6 inch skull hardly defeats an ideology. Pakistan is confronted with a mass population which has been taught hate for the last 40 years. A small set of people using religion to achieve their motives started from the creation of Pakistan and continued until they were blessed by Gen Zia ul Haq, who legalized all hate, did all what was forbidden and all in the name of Islam.

Today we stand in the midst of population where a majority is confused thinking does Islam come first or the country? Are all sects except mine Kaafir? Is democracy the mother of all evil? Does blowing oneself really take us to heaven with 72 virgins? Everything that happens in my country is done by the Jews. Blashphemy is cured by setting the person ablaze. Islam is the baby of clerics standing next to the loudspeaker of Fridays. Allah is doing everything to us, its just our destiny.

What is worrisome is this confused breeding ground for hatred is where the terrorists take root from. One of the most dense population of Madrassahs is in Pakistan. Confused population thinks their children must get Islamic education and are sent to nearby madrassahs but all their children get is unislamic teachings of hate and extremism. The most radical of these children are sent to belts in Waziristan on South Punjab to get trained in killing humans, the training provided there even includes pulling heads off from live chickens . The next most radical are appointed to head the local mosques and used to misguide people in sermons and other mass gatherings. The rest  are left in society to spread their message to the already confused population until there is total anarchy of thought.

The terrorists are the fruit of the trees planted many years back but the stem and roots of these trees are somewhere else. The people talking about talks are just digging a grave for themselves, these radicalized terrorists have only one aim and that is to take over this confused population and enforce their teachings of hate and kill. Not a single Madrassah has been touched which teaches children to blow themselves. The government is acting too weak  and at the moment does not have any ideology to beat this radicalized population. Many in the circles of power have given up already and are following the saying ” if you cant beat them, join them.”

So is it all a lost cause? Is there no hope?

“Nothing is lost until you think you have lost”, this is a great saying and is totally applicable now. However, the only way to win now is for the government to introduce a policy of Love for all Hatred for none. All hate speech has to stop, religious clerics have to be dealt with and the education system clear of any hate and bias. Winning minds of people and having a clear ideology will win this war not bullet or armor . There will be stages where force will be used but force alone will yield no results. The poor and weak will only have confidence in democracy and the judiciary if it protects them from these barbarians. There is a feeling that something just have to give. Talk or military operation whatever happens Pakistan has to fight its war right now are stop trying to cure cancer with palliation.


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