Winning the Ideological War.



“This is a war of ideologies, and idea can’t be defeated by force and bombs. The truth will be the winner” Omar Khorasani, the spokesman of the TTP Mohmand Agency tweeted early today on his official twitter account.

This statement in isolation is correct but when put into context spells the disaster for TTP and all allied terrorists. TTP are known to have spreading their ideology throughout the region trough sword. They force people to behave in a certain way and with their brute force make sure their wish is fulfilled. However, history gives us another lesson TTP has made the most advances by preaching its ideology where there is a vacum of a clear tolerant ideology.
If we go few years back, Mullah Fazlullah, the current leader of TTP , was known as Mullah Radio. His sermons and speeches of Hate and Kill were broadcasted openly on the Radio. The vacum of concrete ideology to confront it made him win enormous grounds and his numbers swelled. He took over many mosques and made sure his ideology multiplies. Numerous youngsters were recruited in his reign. After the army operation in Swat, the skirmish was won but their ideology not defeated. They regrouped and still recruit many young fighters from these areas as their ideology is still preached.
TTP has been lucky so far and due to the incompetent leaders of the Pakistan Government their ideology has been preached unchallenged. If we look at the statement by TTP spokesperson mentioned above we should clearly make out that TTP is proud of their ideology and knows that the military battles will only put a temporarily halt to its activities. In the longer run they will always come back stronger.
Its time for our government to act and our society has to back them. We have to present an ideology of love from each and every radio, Mullah Fazlullah could only dream to reach. TTP use Islam as their source for hate. Lets prove to them by presenting them Islam of the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which had love and mercy to such extents that these nomads cant even dream about. The prisoners in captivity of Islamic forces were so impressed by the values and care they got that most when freed actually preached Islam. How can slitting throats be justified and linked to Islam?
There is no solution now but to preach the ideology of love for all and hatred for none. The basic foundation of the flawed Taliban Ideology has to be beaten now. If we also fight this bigger battle along with the one which is rightfully being fought by our armies. We will eliminate this menace for ever.
Lets us all stand united and forget all differences between ourselves and beat this ideology of hate once and for all through our love.

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