Please celebrate Eid for me

Sitting on the second day of Eid, still wondering if Eid has finally come. Never have I experienced such a quiet and barren array of emotions. Each gush of blood down my viens, warms memories of little Kainat and her sister, who were burnt alive in Gujranwala. Every moment a text message of Eid Mubarak comes in on my phone, a new vision of Kainat celebrating Eid comes in front of me and terrifies me.

Its not the first time for Ahmadis who have a habit of celebrating Eid in such pain. Every Ramzan there is a tale of inhumane killing of the Ahmadi Community in Pakistan but more so in Ramzan. The hate mongers and inhumane radical clerics have made it a point to kill Ahmadis in this Holy month and cause pain to the community through this holy month and followed by Eid.

Ahmadis on the other hand never reacted. Never has a tyre been burnt or a window smashed. They have an exceptional spiritual attachment with their leader who is called the Ameer ul Momineen (Leader of the Faithful). He has always preached love for all hatred for none. These are not just words his community practices it. Even after mass killings of Ahmadis in twin attacks in Lahore in 2010 where nearly 87 people died. There was no reaction in public and when inquired the community members insisted they will pray to God for help.

This is exactly the same message the leader of the community gave in his message to followers of the community today in his Eid Sermon. To practice patience and pray in front of God for help. Indeed looks like a wise thing to do as there is nothing at all the Ahmadi community can expect from the Law enforcement agencies.

On last Thursday night, a mob of angry radicals burnt down a whole settlement of Ahmadis in Gujranwala. Kainat and her sister who were 7 years old and 3 years old respectively were burnt alive along with an elderly women. The police were bystanders and did nothing to prevent this mahem. On the other hand, the police have been a party to these crimes many times.

There has not been a moment in the last few days that I have not thought of Kainat and her sister playng with bangles and henna on her hands. Her smiles when they would have received eidi and hugs from their parents and family members. Never have I hated myself more. Maybe I could have helped them? maybe I could have given her smiles. Maybe I could have broken the door and got her out when shes were sighing and puffing due to extreme carbon monoxide in her lungs. She would have been waiting for someone to come. No one did. I never did. I was home sitting next to my air conditioner and my 52 inch TV screen.

I have certainly failed myself, I failed Kainat and the little angel. I failed humanity. I confess it. But hope my pen does not fail. I hope there is no Kainat in Pakistan who has do die in distress.

Stand up dead people, breathing is not living and living is not just by breathing.


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