We burnt our flowers, we killed them.

Peshawar-attack_1300298fNever have I rushed home in such speed, never have I gone straight to my young son and kissed him and embraced him with such warmth. Never have I ever bursted in to tears on his impulsive laughter. Never have I gone room to room in my home feeling as a coffin lies somewhere. Never can take out the image of a child begging for mercy when a terrorist put his AK 47 next to his temple.

These were our kids, these were our passion, these were hope and our reason to live. Each one of these kids would be pleading for Dad and Mom to come and save them but all the saw were butchering nomads. The parents are devastated, their deaths are upon them already, life is no more worse than death for them.

It has taken me around two days to find the power to type, but it is still deserting me right now. The only thing we must face up to is that these kids were not shot by terrorists, they were shot by us. Yes you and me. We killed our flowers. We murdered them.

These killers who came with guns are the tip of the iceberg, they came firing and recited Allah O Akbar and read the Kalima. Its not something that can be ignored. There are hundereds of madrassahs and mosques in Pakistan who also preach killing and discriminating in the name of religion is justified on one pretext or another. There is a penal code on any person of the Ahmadiyya community to call himself or act like a muslim, again the punishment goes upto life imprisonment and death, again in the name of religion. There are slogans of each and every sect calling the other Kaafir and allowing for some action against the other.

The fact of the matter is, all this happening in front of us, have we ever come out to object to it? Have we ever cared no matter how many people have been dying in the name of blasphemy and being charged and killed in the name of religion.

We have been sleeping and all these killers when traced have roots to madrassahs  and mosques in a young age who preached this hate. When will we come out of this hibernation. If we still cant see how it is our fault then we should hang our heads in shame in front of the new generation because they are much more courageous than us.

Looking at the videos and statements of some of the survivors, ones heart melts, with their bones broken and chests punctured with bullets, they had the fire in their eyes which none of our politicians have. They stared into the camera and told the attackers, you are cowards, come and fight me face to face and we will defeat you and will never be scared of you. They promised to join the armed forces and to fight these militants with all force till their last breath.

Today when I write this piece, I am ashamed at myself, this is what it has come to. If we would have stopped the evil in our societies long ago, no hate or kill would be allowed in our lands against anyone. There would be no breeding grounds and no sanctuaries to make brainwashed hate mongers into barbaric animals.

I have volunteered for the Pakistan Army to go and fight the Taliban, waiting for the call up. I wish for death rather than picking up bodies of our children ever again. I hope you find the guts to pick yourself from the lazy chair and LCD screen and be a man for once.

Pakistan Zindabad.


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