My vision

Enough said and heard about Pakistan and global Islamic world and its deteriorating situation. There are so many empty vessels which are making most noise.

Its time for sanity to descend, so I have started using a pen rather than a sword, a laptop instead of suicide jackets. I intend to not create wisdom, but spread the wisdom we already have but are swaying away from.

I am not biased about any religion, because I believe all of them were sent from God. So no death for religion and no suicides for heavens. I believe in peace and heaven on earth.




One thought on “My vision

  1. Dear Balal
    .You are a good man, and a fine lover of beauty too!
    You say simple and wise words in this blog I’ve found by chance.
    I hope you are well and happy
    Best regards from Cordoba, Spain

    PD. We have one of the most beauty mosques in world, and here we have been muslims for seven centuries, and christians for five!.
    This is a good place for talking about important things .

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