We burnt our flowers, we killed them.

We burnt our flowers, we killed them.

Peshawar-attack_1300298fNever have I rushed home in such speed, never have I gone straight to my young son and kissed him and embraced him with such warmth. Never have I ever bursted in to tears on his impulsive laughter. Never have I gone room to room in my home feeling as a coffin lies somewhere. Never can take out the image of a child begging for mercy when a terrorist put his AK 47 next to his temple.

These were our kids, these were our passion, these were hope and our reason to live. Each one of these kids would be pleading for Dad and Mom to come and save them but all the saw were butchering nomads. The parents are devastated, their deaths are upon them already, life is no more worse than death for them.

It has taken me around two days to find the power to type, but it is still deserting me right now. The only thing we must face up to is that these kids were not shot by terrorists, they were shot by us. Yes you and me. We killed our flowers. We murdered them.

These killers who came with guns are the tip of the iceberg, they came firing and recited Allah O Akbar and read the Kalima. Its not something that can be ignored. There are hundereds of madrassahs and mosques in Pakistan who also preach killing and discriminating in the name of religion is justified on one pretext or another. There is a penal code on any person of the Ahmadiyya community to call himself or act like a muslim, again the punishment goes upto life imprisonment and death, again in the name of religion. There are slogans of each and every sect calling the other Kaafir and allowing for some action against the other.

The fact of the matter is, all this happening in front of us, have we ever come out to object to it? Have we ever cared no matter how many people have been dying in the name of blasphemy and being charged and killed in the name of religion.

We have been sleeping and all these killers when traced have roots to madrassahs  and mosques in a young age who preached this hate. When will we come out of this hibernation. If we still cant see how it is our fault then we should hang our heads in shame in front of the new generation because they are much more courageous than us.

Looking at the videos and statements of some of the survivors, ones heart melts, with their bones broken and chests punctured with bullets, they had the fire in their eyes which none of our politicians have. They stared into the camera and told the attackers, you are cowards, come and fight me face to face and we will defeat you and will never be scared of you. They promised to join the armed forces and to fight these militants with all force till their last breath.

Today when I write this piece, I am ashamed at myself, this is what it has come to. If we would have stopped the evil in our societies long ago, no hate or kill would be allowed in our lands against anyone. There would be no breeding grounds and no sanctuaries to make brainwashed hate mongers into barbaric animals.

I have volunteered for the Pakistan Army to go and fight the Taliban, waiting for the call up. I wish for death rather than picking up bodies of our children ever again. I hope you find the guts to pick yourself from the lazy chair and LCD screen and be a man for once.

Pakistan Zindabad.


Please celebrate Eid for me

Sitting on the second day of Eid, still wondering if Eid has finally come. Never have I experienced such a quiet and barren array of emotions. Each gush of blood down my viens, warms memories of little Kainat and her sister, who were burnt alive in Gujranwala. Every moment a text message of Eid Mubarak comes in on my phone, a new vision of Kainat celebrating Eid comes in front of me and terrifies me.

Its not the first time for Ahmadis who have a habit of celebrating Eid in such pain. Every Ramzan there is a tale of inhumane killing of the Ahmadi Community in Pakistan but more so in Ramzan. The hate mongers and inhumane radical clerics have made it a point to kill Ahmadis in this Holy month and cause pain to the community through this holy month and followed by Eid.

Ahmadis on the other hand never reacted. Never has a tyre been burnt or a window smashed. They have an exceptional spiritual attachment with their leader who is called the Ameer ul Momineen (Leader of the Faithful). He has always preached love for all hatred for none. These are not just words his community practices it. Even after mass killings of Ahmadis in twin attacks in Lahore in 2010 where nearly 87 people died. There was no reaction in public and when inquired the community members insisted they will pray to God for help.

This is exactly the same message the leader of the community gave in his message to followers of the community today in his Eid Sermon. To practice patience and pray in front of God for help. Indeed looks like a wise thing to do as there is nothing at all the Ahmadi community can expect from the Law enforcement agencies.

On last Thursday night, a mob of angry radicals burnt down a whole settlement of Ahmadis in Gujranwala. Kainat and her sister who were 7 years old and 3 years old respectively were burnt alive along with an elderly women. The police were bystanders and did nothing to prevent this mahem. On the other hand, the police have been a party to these crimes many times.

There has not been a moment in the last few days that I have not thought of Kainat and her sister playng with bangles and henna on her hands. Her smiles when they would have received eidi and hugs from their parents and family members. Never have I hated myself more. Maybe I could have helped them? maybe I could have given her smiles. Maybe I could have broken the door and got her out when shes were sighing and puffing due to extreme carbon monoxide in her lungs. She would have been waiting for someone to come. No one did. I never did. I was home sitting next to my air conditioner and my 52 inch TV screen.

I have certainly failed myself, I failed Kainat and the little angel. I failed humanity. I confess it. But hope my pen does not fail. I hope there is no Kainat in Pakistan who has do die in distress.

Stand up dead people, breathing is not living and living is not just by breathing.

A conversation with a Constitutional Kaafir.

Ahmadis are constitutional Kaafir in Pakistan. The best part is Pakistan is the only country in the world which proudly presents us with such a Politico-Religious categorization of its people. Below is a conversation from a daily life of a constitutional Kaafir (CK) and Radicalized Constitutional Muslim (RCM)

CK: “Asalam o Alikum my dear friend”
RCM: ” Yala Harama, you go to jail, how dare you speak the words which sends peace to me, you!!, let me call the police station.”
CK: “I am so sorry my friend I am just used to spreading peace and teachings of love. I am sorry to have offended you, Let me do some Astagfar.”
RCM: ” Toba Toba, you are using an Arabic word, how dare you act like a muslim”
CK: ” I am sorry, I have been taught to ask for forgiveness by using the word Astagfarullah rabi, from now on I will use Urdu.”
RCM: ” Again you act like a muslim, I am calling the police.”
CK: ” Sir what wrong have I done? I am a normal guy looking just like you wearing the same shalwar kameez like u.”
RCM: ” How dare you dress up like a muslim? You are going to burn in Jail in this world and in hell after you die.”
CK: ” Sir I like Shalwar Kameez, its our national dress, I love being a Paksitani.”
RCM: ” You being a Pakistani, its a shame, you people were against the creation of Pakistan and are British agents.”
CK: ” Sir Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmed was then main figure in the All India Mulsim league, Chaudary Zafarullah Khan was first foriegn Minister and Dr Abdus Salam first Muslim Nobel prize winner, all were Ahmadis, we are patriotic.”
RCM: ” How dare you call Abdus Salam Muslim he was a mercenary he does not belong to the muslim world. By the way I forgot to ask you your name what is it?
CK: ” Allahyar”
RCM: ” This is disgraceful how can you even keep the name of Allah, we own him you cannot act like muslim. You are going to jail now.”
CK: ” Sir what are the things that I can do? what rights do I have? 
RCM: ” You can act like non muslims, drink, dance, enjoy life but do not come near Islam.”
CK: ” So practically constitutional muslims are actually pushing people away from Islam rather than coming close to it. “
RCM: ” You disgrace you call muslims are ruining Islam, now you must die, you are wajibul qatl. Say your last words before I shoot you.”
CK: ” Sir dont worry, I have already stopped breathing, I am sure this is also act which muslims do, so I must do the opposite. Good Bye.”

Winning the Ideological War.



“This is a war of ideologies, and idea can’t be defeated by force and bombs. The truth will be the winner” Omar Khorasani, the spokesman of the TTP Mohmand Agency tweeted early today on his official twitter account.

This statement in isolation is correct but when put into context spells the disaster for TTP and all allied terrorists. TTP are known to have spreading their ideology throughout the region trough sword. They force people to behave in a certain way and with their brute force make sure their wish is fulfilled. However, history gives us another lesson TTP has made the most advances by preaching its ideology where there is a vacum of a clear tolerant ideology.
If we go few years back, Mullah Fazlullah, the current leader of TTP , was known as Mullah Radio. His sermons and speeches of Hate and Kill were broadcasted openly on the Radio. The vacum of concrete ideology to confront it made him win enormous grounds and his numbers swelled. He took over many mosques and made sure his ideology multiplies. Numerous youngsters were recruited in his reign. After the army operation in Swat, the skirmish was won but their ideology not defeated. They regrouped and still recruit many young fighters from these areas as their ideology is still preached.
TTP has been lucky so far and due to the incompetent leaders of the Pakistan Government their ideology has been preached unchallenged. If we look at the statement by TTP spokesperson mentioned above we should clearly make out that TTP is proud of their ideology and knows that the military battles will only put a temporarily halt to its activities. In the longer run they will always come back stronger.
Its time for our government to act and our society has to back them. We have to present an ideology of love from each and every radio, Mullah Fazlullah could only dream to reach. TTP use Islam as their source for hate. Lets prove to them by presenting them Islam of the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which had love and mercy to such extents that these nomads cant even dream about. The prisoners in captivity of Islamic forces were so impressed by the values and care they got that most when freed actually preached Islam. How can slitting throats be justified and linked to Islam?
There is no solution now but to preach the ideology of love for all and hatred for none. The basic foundation of the flawed Taliban Ideology has to be beaten now. If we also fight this bigger battle along with the one which is rightfully being fought by our armies. We will eliminate this menace for ever.
Lets us all stand united and forget all differences between ourselves and beat this ideology of hate once and for all through our love.

Our Terrorism Policy: Treating Cancer with Palliatives

Yesterday was just another day, 13 commando cops blown to pieces. Their bodies touched the heavens and fell back down onto fellow cops who survived the attack struck in a dilemma if they were still alive or was this their reincarnation from the dead. After more or less 8-10 hours everything was fine. A few statements from the politicians praying that the “Talks” should no be affected and there is a foreign hand bla bla bla.  The funerals done and everyone went to a nice goodnight sleep planning what Valentines day gift should they get for the loved ones and hardly thinking about what gift have the sobbing kids and devastated widows have been given on this day of love as it said to be.

Finally our government has got a road map to solve all problems and that is to talk to the people who are killing so many Pakistanis and if the talks fail the army has planned to take a full scale war to Waziristan. Brilliant. That means either way the problem will be solved forever? The fact remains both options leave minimal chance of victory. Either you fight them or you talk to them nothing is being done to cure the cancer of terrorism.

To tackle any problem the root causes have to be addressed. How are terrorists produced? How can blow oneself up in pieces? How can be such a dangerous ideology be engraved into such young children. Waziristan or Karachi, pulling up a barrell and passing a 9 mm piece of slug through a 6 inch skull hardly defeats an ideology. Pakistan is confronted with a mass population which has been taught hate for the last 40 years. A small set of people using religion to achieve their motives started from the creation of Pakistan and continued until they were blessed by Gen Zia ul Haq, who legalized all hate, did all what was forbidden and all in the name of Islam.

Today we stand in the midst of population where a majority is confused thinking does Islam come first or the country? Are all sects except mine Kaafir? Is democracy the mother of all evil? Does blowing oneself really take us to heaven with 72 virgins? Everything that happens in my country is done by the Jews. Blashphemy is cured by setting the person ablaze. Islam is the baby of clerics standing next to the loudspeaker of Fridays. Allah is doing everything to us, its just our destiny.

What is worrisome is this confused breeding ground for hatred is where the terrorists take root from. One of the most dense population of Madrassahs is in Pakistan. Confused population thinks their children must get Islamic education and are sent to nearby madrassahs but all their children get is unislamic teachings of hate and extremism. The most radical of these children are sent to belts in Waziristan on South Punjab to get trained in killing humans, the training provided there even includes pulling heads off from live chickens . The next most radical are appointed to head the local mosques and used to misguide people in sermons and other mass gatherings. The rest  are left in society to spread their message to the already confused population until there is total anarchy of thought.

The terrorists are the fruit of the trees planted many years back but the stem and roots of these trees are somewhere else. The people talking about talks are just digging a grave for themselves, these radicalized terrorists have only one aim and that is to take over this confused population and enforce their teachings of hate and kill. Not a single Madrassah has been touched which teaches children to blow themselves. The government is acting too weak  and at the moment does not have any ideology to beat this radicalized population. Many in the circles of power have given up already and are following the saying ” if you cant beat them, join them.”

So is it all a lost cause? Is there no hope?

“Nothing is lost until you think you have lost”, this is a great saying and is totally applicable now. However, the only way to win now is for the government to introduce a policy of Love for all Hatred for none. All hate speech has to stop, religious clerics have to be dealt with and the education system clear of any hate and bias. Winning minds of people and having a clear ideology will win this war not bullet or armor . There will be stages where force will be used but force alone will yield no results. The poor and weak will only have confidence in democracy and the judiciary if it protects them from these barbarians. There is a feeling that something just have to give. Talk or military operation whatever happens Pakistan has to fight its war right now are stop trying to cure cancer with palliation.

PTI: A twinkle little star or a time bomb?

After decades in hibernation, the youth of Pakistan is finally starting to find its voice. Historically such huge turnouts of youth in political gathering is unprecedented, the only precedent which come to mind is the time when Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto introduced the slogan of “roti,kapra aur makan” (food, clothes and shelter). This slogan was music to the ears of many and before we knew it people clinged on to Pakistan Peoples Party and a landmark victory was achieved by Mr. Bhutto in the elections thereafter.

Imran Khan’s Politics has been a a breath of fresh air to many, his stance against corruption, money laundering and empowering youth has been the need of the hour. As expected the youth and the suppressed masses have clinged to Imran Khan and have been terming him as the Messiah. His Election Campaign has been the strongest of all parties, people have come in large numbers to sight a glimpse at their idol, cricketer turned politician. Probably the edge Imran Khan has is a clean slate, opposition parties are trying hard to look for cracks in his past records to be targeted which has been futile to a certain degree. So where is all this positivity leading the nation to? Will he be able to deliver the promised revolution and turn this republic into a welfare state?

Only time can answer these questions. However, one thing is for sure, nations change when youth motivated in a certain direction make their move. The key here is that the direction and objective have to be the clear and deep-rooted in all members minds. This is one worry many people have for PTI.  Looking to get away for the so-called old political parties, people from all different and diverse views have joined PTI. The leadership happy at seeing soaring numbers have been accepting them with open arms not knowing what kind of minds they are accommodating, will they preach the notion of PTI or poison the masses with their perplexed and fixed extremist ideas.

One can only look at past few months to learn a lot about PTI. Fights have broken out on party ticket allotments in various cities, Quetta and many important cities have witnessed it. There has been infighting between many of its members. politicians who have not been given the ticket in their previous parties are looking to join the free band wagon of PTI. Some of PTI’s senior most office holders are holding elections as independent candidates.

It is understandable that revolutions are always going to give birth to issues like the ones mentioned above, but it is an impediment that the masses are clearly taught and preached a single direction to move in. For example, lets take the issue of Sectarian violence and hatred. PTI’s manifesto has not a single word on what PTI will do to curb the spread of hate in society which is causing numerous  deaths every month. A vast majority to the extremists can be easily traced back to Madrassahs (religious schools) where hate preaching is unprecedented, above all teaching a notion of religion which is not even close to Islam . The followers are uninformed, have vague views  on these complex issue and many times fighting within each other on these issues.

Only yesterday on socail media, I put up a question asking PTIs silence on discrimination against Ahmadis a PTI supporter replied.

“@mashhoodpti because we hate ahmadis”

when asked if this was PTI’s official stance he replied “@mashhoodpti yes not only pti but all the muslims who love islam.”

Mr Mashood claims to be The Deputy Finance Manager, Tehreek e Insaf.

Many of PTIs office holders have been contacted on twitter numerous times on their stance and many dont reply and ignore.

Same can be said of Imran Khan, never once has he condemned the murder of any Ahmadi in Pakistan. He has been dodging questions for a long time now about the discrimination against ahamdis.  His party followers are confused and have no clear direction on such complex issues. Many are rightly very liberal and open-minded however many followers and youth are joining form hardline rightist parties like Jamaat e Islami. Imran khan himself  has a soft spot for such rightist parties and has been advocating on the possibility of an alliance with them in this election which could not materialize in the final stages.

Imran Khan today stands on a time bomb of people who within the party have the biggest divides in terms of views. In fighting will continue to grow and the internal clashes will get worse until the top leadership come out strong and give a clear vision on this issue of sectarianism which has been the catalyst on breaking the national spirit in Pakistan. Imran Khan has the task of putting his rules forward and making the masses accept them and implement them in their daily lives. Only then can this caravan sail smoothly towards its destination. If not, then its only a matter of time when these rifts blow the party apart and become a dead carcass for scavengers to feed on.

Why such apathy?

The birth and death of a human being used to be the most contrasting extremes of Human Evolution. One causing great jubilation and a true sense of a supernatural miracle bringing ecstasy and delight in the eyes of many families. On the other hand, death by unnatural means would bring devastation to the whole neighborhood, community, city even to the whole nation. Social bonds were stronger than anything, brothers were not only those who shared the same surname, brothers were those who were inhabitant of this pure piece of land we lived on.

These tales are not at all of some ancient distinct land, neither did I use  ” Once upon a time”  above. This was what our beloved country Pakistan was like some 50 years ago. The 1965 war with India was a symbol and an extra ordinary bond among us. I have heard from many elders, how people would rush to give blood for a wounded civilian no matter what his religion was, he was a Pakistani. Many people telling me about the passion of youth who would give blood 2-3 times on a single day just to help others. We are from the same generation, we share the same elders now. What is wrong with us? Why dont we feel such pain ? why doesnt the passion of justice and equality flush our eyes with blood, but our hearts melt with humanity?

Only few days back, a school teacher Master Abdul Qudoos, who was known for being a very pious and noble person, was abducted by the Police in Rabwah, Punjab. There was no case registered against him, he was interrogated by the police and was forced to sign a false declaration which said that he and his senior members of the Ahmadiyya Community were behind a recent murder in the city. The school teacher was tortured on not signing the deceleration, by rolling wooden rollers over his body, hung upside down and hit with bars. This caused so much internal bleeding that, the teacher had to be given 16 bottles of blood in a local hospital but still his blood vomits would not stop. There was no case registered anyone, the whole city was in shock. He was a noble person who leaves behind small young children. Do we care? There was not even one news channel who aired this news or government representative who condemned this act, no action has been taken against  any of the brutal police officers.

What has happened to the nation? why such apathy? what about the poor children and the widow he left behind? We still are sons and daughters of the same generation, who gave their blood for justice. Why cant we raise our voice to demand justice for the blood of Master Abdul Qadoos.

Finally I must commend the efforts of tribune who was the only only paper to publish this news. Also @etribune must be commended for publishing a twitter alert when all over twitter people were trending #justiceforqadoos.

I hope we raise our voice further and make sure it makes a difference, so that every drop of blood shed in this country is not spilled and allowed to dry out. Come the days when every drop of blood will be protected not looking at its color, beliefs, ideology but for being part of us. Come back the days when the pain of any Pakistani becomes our pain. Come the days when you can I make this piece of land Paradise again and say:

Love for all, hatred for none.