Balochistan – Check Mate?


The mind blowing view of Gawadar Hammer head.

I can still remember the amazing and awe-inspiring landscape on my way to Gawadar along the Makran Coastal Highway. From the great sea-shore of Gadani (one of the oldest and biggest shipwreck sites in South Asia) to the great picturesque view of the Hangol River meeting the Indian Ocean. The River known for its Emerald green waters, beneath which lie the most feared crocodiles. The Golden Sand beaches (near Ormara) better than those in Miami and the amazing eclipse of Sand hills dividing the ocean from the desert. The Amazing full moon night in the deserts of Pasni to the Hill top view from PC hotel showing the Hammer head(the port Gawadar Port looks like a hammer head from aerial view), the natural wonder of a deep sea port. Not to forget the hospitality of the friends in Quetta (The tongue melting “Kaawa” a traditional tea), the glorious market filled with the jewels from the past, dry fruits, carpets and antiques. These images are still fresh in my mind area like a castle full of mirrors every time when I look at the pictures I get mesmerized by them.


The Hingol River feared for Crocodiles.

Unfortunately, this castle just got shattered few days back; the a bill was presented in the US house of representatives in favor of Independence of Balochistan. It was a bitter pill to swallow to most Pakistanis. A layman may think that this resolution has no executive jurisdiction but for the wise this sends a very clear message of the intentions of the super power. If you are still thinking that the US is interested in the golden sand beaches, or wants to made a national park in the Hangol River or a New Year Fireworks show on the roof top of PC Gawadar its better to pinch yourself and wake up.

US have its eyes set on the most important piece in its game of chess, the king as I call it. It was the most important part component for winning the war on terror (terror of going bankrupt). Why Balochistan is the one of the most strategic pieces of land in the world? See below.

Gawadar is a Port city at coast with Iran (US biggest enemy) but also importantly it lies at the end point of Gulf or Oman. This is the only sea supply route Iran has to for its Oil and this is one piece of water the US has to control. Iran has recently tried to break the Petrodollar and make its own supply channel and suggesting alternatives to the dollar. This has hurt US the most; if the Petrodollar is broken the US will enter into one of its biggest financial meltdown. The dollars demand will break and it will be no the Saudi wealth which is stuck up in the US bills will vanish exposing the biggest financial black hole. The US will do everything to stop Iran, and thus sitting putting military presence right next to Iran and closing its waters is the master plan. Balochistan happens to fit the bill and an already volatile region with movements of self-determination on their high, time is right for the master of exploitation to enter the frame.

Iran does not only sell Oil, it also has Natural Gas in abundance, a recent agreement between Iran and Pakistan has hurt US. Iran tends to earn from the deal and Pakistan gets to fuel its increasing demand for gas. Iran also plans to supply the gas via Pakistan to India, which is not well digested by the US. A US influenced Balochistan will break the supply route to both these deals.


Fishing is the livelihood of most Makran inhabitants.

Gawadar happens to be a key port and is of great importance to US biggest competitor, China. The port city is located at a place where China has a lot of troubling accessing in the past. It is a natural deep sea port which increases its importance. China has its ports located on the eastern borders, Far East Asia. The sailing time to the Middle East is between 15-20 days. This is critical in the long term. Gawadar can reduce it to only 2 days if the Karakorum Highway is completed to Gawadar. The cheap transportation cost and the reduced sailing time can give China a huge boost. The US knows exactly what it needs to do. Balochistan is the key to the whole project.

The Taliban are getting out of hand for the US. Pakistan’s military are also playing hard with the US so that the Jihadists which are supposed to be the military’s biggest asset are saved. Baloch are known fighters and US could fund the Baloch tribes to fight the Taliban, if the Taliban intruded into Balochistan. The Pakistan’s military agency ISI has knows this and thus has promoted the activity of different Jihad Organizations like Lashkar e Jhangvi and Sipah Sahaba to get a control of the area. These organizations have targeted Shia and Ahmadi Muslims everywhere they go. The recent surge in attacks on these sects is a clear indication. The presence of Guerrilla war specialists Jihadists will make it difficult for the US to control Balochistan.

Baluchistan is also home to vast fields of Natural Gas and many surveys have reports vast deposits of Crude Oil. Many experts also believe that the deepest pit to the Middle East Oilfields is near the Makran coast and if exploration work is done it could result unimaginable reserves of oil.

US know what a great piece of land it has on its hands. Smiling in the lavish corridors of Pentagon, many US high ups are relishing the opportunity to dip their hands in and control a piece of land so dear and so sacred to the US. It’s so easy to break a branch when it’s already hollow from inside. Pakistan’s control of Balochistan has always been hollow from the inside and now the cracks have appeared on the forefront also. The game of chess US is playing is coming to its final conclusion. The King is losing its guard, the castle is exposed. Balochistan is ready to be check mated, people who play chess know; a check mate can never be reversed and it is fatal.

Can the Pakistani people and their leaders pull a rabbit from the hate to avoid the check? Or is it check mate already?


How much more hate?

Born in a middle class family, in the early eighties in Lahore. I was one lucky person, blessed with living in one of the most happening cities of South Asia. Being a very bubbly, imaginative and out of the box thinker, I used to love life and knew sky is the limit for my adventures. My family was loving and a typical Punjabi family, who loved life and made sure life loved them. I used to think I was born as a royal, I had all the rights of a free person and could follow my dreams and be myself.  Sadly, this was my biggest dilemma.

Our family shifted to Karachi in the late 80s, I joined school in the primary stage. I was wondering what adventures this would bring me. Who would have known what I would have to go through.

My first few days went really well, I made good friends and loved my teachers. Apart from school I used to have a great time playing cricket in my neighborhood. We settled in pretty early in a very warm and closely knitted town houses society. I still remember the time when we would never close our home doors and would jump around over the boundary walls into each other’s houses. There were no divides, either physical or social or were they?

One day a very close friend of mine who used to share the desk with me, did not sit next to me. I was wondering what had happened, It was the first time this had happened, I wasn’t sure if I had offended him.
I tried getting in touch with him but to no avail, the next day the same thing happened and I became even more curious, the curiosity compelled me to catch him after school hours. I inquired what was wrong? But never got any answer, I inquired again and finally he spoke up and said, ” You are Qadiyani, You are Kaafir, my parents have told me not to sit with you.” I was shocked, I did not know what the word meant, I told him I was a Muslim and a normal person just like him. He never replied and went away, I felt broken and bad. I didn’t know what I had done. I went back home and asked my parents what it meant, they told me because you are an Ahmadi, that is why the world hates you. I did not understand it, I inquired again and said, ” Aren’t the people who teach love and take care of others and are kind to mankind the right ones?” My questions remained and my parents told me to bear all this hatred and allegations with prayers and patience. I moved on but the inquisitiveness remained in my heart.

After few days, I had completely forgotten that episode, I went out to play in my local neighborhood, this used to be the best part of the day. Playing cricket with my close friends in the neighborhood is one of the things which are the highlights of my childhood. I reached my friends place and rang the door bell, we used to go together. His mother came out and told me he was not at home and that I should never come to his place ever again. I didn’t know what had hit me, this was a huge shock to me. How can my friend not turn up and his mother talked to me so rudely. Moving on I went to the playground myself, met a couple of friends and we started the teaming. Both teams were reluctant to include me in their selection. This was quite strange as I used to be very good and well demanded player. I still didn’t understand, once I sat back on the side of the field waiting for the play to begin. A friend of mine came close to and inquired, ” You are not a Qadiyani right?” . I was amazed at how much he wanted my answer to the contrary. I said I am an Ahmadi and I am just like him. On my answer he told me we are “Kaafir” and that now the whole neighborhood knows and that is why everyone was boycotting me.

My life had swung like a pendulum, few months back I loved everything about my life and my country and now everyone wants to stay away from me. I was terrified not because I was scared but because I loved my friends and our neighborhood. I had never harmed them, my family never taught hate. I had always practiced patience, love and harmony.

The biggest question in my mind was how  can we suddenly show so much hate to a person who is a normal citizen just like the rest. I always thought hate was for those who disobey and who harm mankind.

Fast Forward, I am now in my late 20′s, every day of my life has been full of discrimination and abuses, I lived on with it, I showed patience and stayed humble. Just recently I got married, None of my colleagues and friend turned up on the ceremony. Many of them preached each other not to have food from my house as I was a Kaafir. God knows better what kept them back from attending the ceremony. I move on and pray for my friends and for my beloved country but the question that still remains……

How can people who live with patience, love and tolerance be the wrong ones and the people who show hate, discrimination and rage be the rightful?

Yes! I am a terrorist.



One fine day, I enjoyed a wonderful chicken meal at a recently opened foreign food chain, drove home to a pleasant breeze, life was good not best or worst but life was good. I sat back on the couch and turned on the television, neither me nor anyone could imagine what I was going to witness, two jumbo airliners crashed after one others into the twin towers known as World Trade Center in New York. The towers were a symbol of pride for US, they came crashing down. To be honest, I was devastated, such inhumane acts were part of fiction movies up until then. It had to be unreal. As I saw on an inner guilt was boiling in me,  i was praying ” Please not us, Please it should have nothing to do with us” , something was not right, why was this irritating guilt developing inside me?

Few months down the road, everything had changed, “Either you are with us or against us!” a very stong phrase from Powell to Gen  Musharraf. We were in the line of fire, fighting we didnt know who, fighting against an invisible enemy who had changed the world. The invisible enemy who was taught to kill, the enemy who was within us, the enemy was killing in the name of Islam. Killing innocents, carrying out crazy suicide missions, we were being educated by new terms, Axis of Evil, WOMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), Chemical Weapons. Holly Bazooka! Can anybody wake me up!

Finally, I have woken up. I can see clearly and the enemy is not invisible anymore, it never was! I just had to look inside me to find it. How could I ever miss out on such clear symptoms.

The enemy was hate! Yes hatred! It was pumped into our systems so cleverly that we didnt even notice it, it was a virus which changed faces and was a master of disguise. It was a time bomb and it exploded as expected from it.

To understand more we have to understand how nations are built, they are not built top down, where a boundary is set for few war loving barbarian tribes who live to eat each other up. A leader comes upon them and they become loyal nationalists. Rather they are built down up. The true nations are the ones where, few houses live like paradise and love and comfort each other. They develop more and form a society, the same culture makes cities and then the whole country is formed where tolerance and humanitarianism is at its core.

What happened with us, was that we started off being one, living with each other with love and harmony. Our bonds were so strong, I still sit down and listen to elders stories of 1965 war with India and the National pride. We had everything and it was down to a caring and loving society. We used to love our neighbours, care for poor, the needy, the oppressed. It was just like an extended joint family.

What happened then? Why are all these tales just stories? Why cant our generation see any of these tales? Why are we sick of injustices, hate and rage?

For decades now we have been preached hate by the place which we love the most and hold the dearest in our hearts. The Mosque. The clerics in the mosques have been the biggest factor in the change in our society, they have been used by the establishment and enemies of Pakistan many times. It’s useless to go into details now. The fact is the mosque is what divided us most. The place which brings peace to the world, is now the place where hatred is spread.

It’s very easy to blame state and politicians, but today I will take a close look at an ordinary Pakistani like me. We go to mosques everyday, the cleric spread hate and says that person is Kaafir and this is haraam. We say ok boss, come home and next day we look at the other sect which was termed kaafir as hypocrites and envy them. It is true, no matter how much we try to prove ourselves unaffected. We no longer care for our neighbours, because he is Hindu or an Ahmadi, because he is a lower level citizen. When was the last time each of us went to our Ahmadi neighbour and meet them on Eid and tell them we love them because they are Paksitani? When was the last time we went to a Hindu Diwali and told them we wished them well as they have their right to practise all they want? When was the last time we told our local molvi to shut up as it was not the one from heaven to tell us how heaven and hell is going to be?

Why just listen to stories of heaven? Why not make this place a living paradise?

The only way to paradise is simple, take out all the hate from our society, let us go back to where we were. These religious clerics have divided us enough. It’s very easy to term people fighting in Waziristan as terrorists, but we all are one. They are only accustomed to use weapons, a child is born there he is gifted a AK47, they are expressing their hate in the way they know how to. In the cities we are spreading our hate in our form it’s just the difference of expression. We all are equal in this terror.

The media plays its own cards in acting like a terrorist, the show all the clerics who spread hatred but at are too scared to show the message of a group of muslims whose moto is ” LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE”. Everyone is doing their utmost to spread Hate.

Its time we take a deep look at ourselves, and see how we can take out this hatred from within us, stop calling people terrorists and start from ourselves. The day each of start to spread love in place of hate all problems will be solved. Even the critical problem of Terrorism in the northern tribal belt is very simple to solve. Give people the message of love and they will cling to it and flush out hatred. Love has always won from hatred. The whole history of civilization is for us to look at, Jusus, Moses, Muhammad all have won from haters by spreading love. All we need to do is spread the message of “Love for all hatred for none.”

I promise you times will change. Just repeat after me ” Love for all Hatred for none” and confess Yes! I am a terrorist!


PTI – Who is your daddy now?

After a successful convention in Lahore by PTI, the media and political forces are druming the doll drums of a major change in the Horizon. A major force has emerged, justice will be served and people will live happily ever after. All fairy tales and bed time stories are whispering around dark rooms. The representatives of the party are trying to bash all parties on TV with the other parties looking for things to throw back at them but all they get is clean slate of new arrivals who have yet to dirty their hands. So are we really on the verge of a Renaissance?

I start of by a Lyric from a famous singer of Paksitan Shahzad Roy’s song ” Shareef kon hay? woh jiss ko moka nahee mila.” which translates, the only people who are Innocent are the ones who have not yet had a hand in power, I second that, PTI and Imran Khans party have a huge advantage over the other rivals is of the clean slate an image of being the innocents. I am sure their time for power is close, how much power can be argued but surely there time of some power is close, in which they will loose their innocent tag forever. How the party should handle this, who is actually behind them, who is their real enemy and who is their savior are the questions I am going to elaborate below.

To understand to what limit a change can come is to understand how a change can come. There are 3 options presently for the PTI

– Go with the power holders at policy makers at present i.e Army, America, Mullah.
– Try to find a middle approach of getting the confidence of Army and try to comprosie on many things in the Manifesto.
– Go all out against the power holders, Army, America, Mullah. Rely on the force of youth and rely totally on the votes of the change faithful.

Lets analyze each of the three options I would like to explain why I choose 3 main players other than the masses and how they are the main players.


Army has always had a very important role to play, they have because of many reasons become custodians of the state, the first one being wars the country has fought with India, they are always mindful of it and want to safe guard the nation from many future wars. This makes them a very important player in the politics of the nation. Army has a say in every nations policy matters, but only if the representatives of the country approve their suggestions. Pakistan has always been so weak that Army thinks of the nation as an infant who they do not have to involve in their decision makings many times. Weather this is right or wrong is another debate, but I would just like to focus on the fact that Army can do whatever is required to save the nation even if it means going against the will of the people.

Keeping in mind  let us see what PTI can do at present they are being very cautious and only targeting corruption as the main issue and trying to stay away from these three players.
However the army will need to make sure they do not mess with their plans and their way of taking Pakistan forward. Can they father actually accept that the infant has grown up? Would he be offended by it? Army has a big say in it, because if in anyway the army feels threatened they will trigger their major partner their Mullah through its powerful ISI and bring any government down to its toes, even a small scandal on Imran calling is blasphemous can bring millions on streets and end his support in minutes. PTI should not act foolish and try to think they have all the power in the world. They will have to mold their foreign policy in such a way so that the armies hidden agendas of supporting some militants is not hindered.  Or else, PTI has to be looking to go all out and being the naughty child and face the torture of the arrogant dad and fight it. This would been chaos on the streets, mullahs against the small liberals. I do have a feeling PTI has already agreed the former option with the Army, no wonder the Army is supporting PTI on all fronts.


Okay, First of all I know what you are thinking, I am not one of those who even if there is a robbery next door would claim it must have been America. America uses us and our cracks and widens them to get what it calls its national interest. Yes, it has a huge interest in Pakistan, not only for what is in Pakistan, but happens around Pakistan. They spend a lot of money to control Pakistan and they do not allow anyone to loosen that control, they do it by hook or crook. So stop amusing that they are not a main player. They are a very important player unfortunately and fortunately for many pockets.

The second policy decision has to be America, luckly for PTI the armies relation with America have soured lately and the army needed some political force who is against America but is with the Armies agends of stopping military operations in the tribal belt and make them a secondary border military force on the west front. PTI fits the bill and so all looks to be settled, Army has brought in PTI to bargain its position in front of America, showing them that an anti America Pakistan is very easy to create for the Army. PTI are just being used by the army to get leverage. This is a defining moment for PTI, the armies relations with America also have a lot to do with Armies support to PTI. There is a very smart game in progress and PTI leadership has to be very wise which I am afraid they are not at the moment.


Here goes what people really discount, the power of the mullah. Unfortunately the actions of General Zia have a very deep rooted effect on our politics and our society. From few hundreds to forty thousand Madrassahs, home to millions of radicalized students are a time bomb which all politicians are scared to detonate. Numerous reports of how armed they are and how much influence they have over the terrorist acts through the country is visible to all but still no one has the guts to finger with them. Many came and went but none even the newly empowered General Musharraf could not handle them and bowed down made Fazlur Rehman who alone influences 10,000 madrassahs leader of the house who even very close to being prime minister. Remember, these are mostly registered voters and have a huge say in the political environment.

The last is the mullahs, they have for long been the third their of this whole nexus, normally it has been, America- US – Mullahs , the three tier power holders. Mullahs are the ones who on the field have been busy in gathering power through spreading hate, bringing their seminary in the limelight so that they accumulate the maximum funding. Dividing the society in multiple portions so much through religion that all other binding forces are broken and nothing but hatred rules in their hearts. If PTI think that they can end this hatred in masses and that love of PTI can overtake the love of their hatred clad interpretation of Islam. I have to say they are totally looking at a mirage. Mullahs can only be controlled through money or the stick, no one uses the stick because the fear the backlash and you cannot compete with the money the CIA and Saudia Arabia can muster. So this is actually a very important defining point for PTI, Imran has been very wise by keeping shut on all instances of Religious intolerance, even at the massacre of Ahmadis in two mosques of Lahore where around 86 people lost their lives, he kept quiet like all politicians. The only one who spoke was the brave Governer Salman Taseer, who was brutally murdered by a faithful of these mullahs. However, Imran Khan cannot keep quiet for long he either has to act against mullahs or be a puppet to them. As things stand he looks more like a puppet to the mullahs and if this continues the mullahs will never let this country unite as their bread and butter is in division and not unification.

I hope the people who are so enthusiastic in Imran Khan first ask him to come open and explain in detial his stand on these issues before he is called the messiah. If he has the guts to stand against these elements and is ready for stand for a unified Pakistan he will have to stand against the mullahs and take their backlash on the chest. Even when writing this I feel this is a mere fantasy, maybe no one has the guts to stand up against them. Imran will be another one in the long list of used up slugs of the Army- Mullah alliance. I hope I am wrong, I hope the daddy of this PTI is not the Army- Mullah alliance.

If it is anything else, would PTI please come forward and tell us ” Who is your daddy now?”

Ahmadiyyat and Pakistan – Friend or Foe?

With Pakistan standing cornered by almost the whole world , termed as a failed state, deep-rooted debts have crumbled the economy, sectarian violence and killings have crushed all hopes of a moderate society, I could go on forever mentioning the issues Pakistan faces. Everything looks so bleak or doesn’t it?

Yes, everything does look bleak, all of us are hoping for a miracle to occur, a messiah to arrive, all pain replaced with ecstasy and this living hell transformed to heaven. We pray for this everyday don’t we?

Well there is one person who claimed to be the same, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, he claimed to be a messiah and following him would bring peace and heaven back on earth. Well isn’t that what we all were waiting for?

I would not go into a religious debate here, rather I would discuss what happens to a failed state when Ahamdis are given equal rights, the followers of the so-called Messiah, well if he is true then shouldnt his followers bring to the world what he stood for?

I would like to give an insight of what Ahmadis bring to people at large and society. If they are given equal rights and participate in society. I shall stress on this keeping in view of the current issues in Pakistan.

The most important thing which Ahmadiyyat brings to this world is unity of command, not only unity of command but unity of submission by the followers too. This phenomenon is unique and something many societies are dreaming about. It is called Khilafat. In context of Pakistan, we see people all over the TV channels and media crying for Khilafat, for a leader, for divine guidance. Well if we for one moment keep the religious differences aside. The present Khalifa of Ahmadiyya has been the most vocal against Terrorism, Human Rights violations, injustice and has been advocating for showing love against all hatred.

Ahmadiyya Community’s slogan “Love for All Hatred For None” is actually the best weapon against Taliban and armed insurgencies in the name of religion. No predator drones or military operations can change the hate embedded in people’s hearts. Love is the only solution to defeat hate. If Ahmadis are allowed to follow and preach this message and use media and other means, this message will spread like fire and sprinkle cold water on this burning inferno of hate and terror.

Ahmadis have been known for doing enormous work in the fields of education and health, a very prominent example is the work done by Ahmadiyya Community in Africa. Ahmadiyyat has brought a smiles on the faces of many starving and diseased children in many poor african countries where even the biggest nations of the world don’t lend an eye. Their pain is immaterial to many superpowers as the poor can’t serve their policies. Ahmadiyya jamaat believes in equality, every poor child in africa is as precious as a child born in a billionaire’s mansion in Beverly Hills. Many of the known politicians have been educated in Ahmadiyya mission schools in Africa and most of them only trust the treatment at the community’s hospitals.

Ahmadiyya Community also bring with it a unique passion for humanitarian work, in the recent floods and the previous natural disasters, Ahmadiyya Community has been one of the most quickest and effective in terms of relief works. Due to a big number of volunteers, its humanitarian efforts are the most transparent and due to an inherent vigor and determination to serve the needful the community is very effective in Humanitarian works.

Another very important positive in this community is its administration and its transparency. Many foreign external observers have been bemused by the way in which the Ahmadiyya Community works with such high percentage of volunteers and being so organized. For example MTA, Muslim Television Ahmadiyya is a television service with 3 channels with hundreds of cameramen and many hundreds of technicians who work voluntarily. Even the BBC was in awe of the way MTA is managed. The organization skills of this community are evident on the Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Community which is totally organized by volunteers catering for thousands of guests over many days. This is exactly the kind of organization and transparency Pakistan is crying out for.

Ahmadiyya Community is also a great example for their zeal and enterprise in the field of Science. Having the only Pakistani Nobel Prize winner Dr Abdus Salam as an example. They have excelled in the fields of education and science and the members of the community are promoted to research in the most modern and latest fields of science.

I have tried to show a bird’s eye view of what the Ahmadiyya community brings to this world, specially a country like Pakistan. Let us ask ourselves this question if Pakistan continue to keep the Ahmadiyya Community out of the main stream, who will be the biggest losers? Pakistan or Ahmadiyya Community?

Ahmadiyya community grows in hundreds of thousands every year, the world gives rave reviews of the impact the community has on the world. Pakistan on the other hand is falling in the deepest pit, even a ray of hope is hard to gather, let alone some positiveness.

It should be noted however that the Ahmaddiyya community continues to stay away from politics or power and has never shown any interest in it but instead bows in front of God and keep a weekly fast to seek for a better future of Pakistan, but what does Pakistan give to these Ahamdis? Death? Torture? Harassment?

Not much can be done for a patient who is in Intensive Care Unit, who has multiple organ failure and has difficulty in breathing but does not want to be treated by the doctor who can cure all his problems. There has to be a will in the patient to survive and take treatment. Either the patient dies or the he puts his faith in the doctor and gets cured. I hope for the latter before it’s too late. I leave you with this heartening slogan from the community.


Who needs religion? we have liberalism!

It’s not long ago when the slogans of Liberalism, Human rights, Freedom of speech, Rights to juveniles were ringing around the rich world of Capitalism. Calling religions of the world as backward, a huge majority started following the views of liberal free thinkers adopting views which seemed so right to them and so attractive and easy to practise. Slowly they started wandering to a state of human mind where no obligations or responsibility could be burdened upon a human. His reason for creation was just to enjoy the life and live as freely as possible, so much so that even family boundaries which pushed to the limits.

I write all this when the London riots have taken place, one of the most unexpected events any of us could have predicted. The policies of the most secular and liberal nation had borne fruit. It was a volcano waiting to be unleashed and so it did. The most respected and idolized society was seen all over the world as a group of hungry barbaric nomads. It was very heartening and very sad to see humans behave in a way normally only associated with animals.

I was watching a TV show on a British channel, where members of the British society were called upon, some were youngsters some social workers and politicians. What I was amazed to see all of them were blaming the principles their society had for so long made the pillars of their society. All of them blamed the laws protecting the youth where by parents did not have a right to discipline their children. They said the youth is totally out of the families control and if parents think about disciplining their children, they are reported to the police.

Other than that they blamed the limited or non importance given to the institution of marriage, most parents were living as single parents and so were unable to bring up their kids in a respectable manner. They also blamed the lack of strong punishments system and thus people did not fear the police or the judicial system. They all agreed that the society is tearing apart and something has to be done immediately or else the whole social system will collapse.

I am neither blaming or upholding any laws or customs of the one of the most progressive societies of the world. I simply want to dialogue the mere fact that Humans can never implement a perfect system until help for the creator is sought. The fact that religion has become the thing of the past and humans have more knowledge than any divine guidance is where I differ from all the present day liberal scholars.

Let me give a simple example, when a women becomes a mother for the first time and brings up yer young for the first time, she does not have any idea as to how much to love him and how much to discipline, how much love would make him better and how much pampering would spoil him. If she has a divine book which gives her the right examples and explains her the pros and cons of the amount of love. She would be very wise and would benefit a lot and would certainly raise her children very well.

So lets agree to one thing now, Humans are bound to make mistakes and have no perfect formula, however, the perfect formula can be with a higher power who created everything we can see. What if that creator can talk to us? what if he can guide us? would he actually create us and leave us for dead?

Religions of the worlds have all been the same, wisdom and love of the creator manifested on humans. All religions have offshoot from a certain person who claims to be a man of God, a messenger who brings divine light and guidance to humans, guidance to live a life in a way which is blessed and liked by God. So the religions came and the prophets came. Divine guidance came and went with human evolution new amendments were required and new details had to be explained by God as a human brain was getting powers to think deeper and deeper. God started revealing more and with the help of new Prophets. Finally came a time that humans have evolved to a stage where the teachings had to finalized and perfected. So God revealed the Holy book the Holy Quran to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who perfect the religion and made sure all the details had been finalized . This final book and the final teachings were a final version to what Moses brought and then Jesus Christ improved upon. It was the only book which said all previous religion were wisdom bestowed upon you by God and were true for their time, but now the final and best version had arrived.

I have gone about the details of evolution in great detail so that my argument about religion being the key factor in making our society being perfect stand. Now lets see what the last and final book of wisdom had to say about the problems faced by the most progressive societies and their solutions already taught to man by the God himself.

1. About the issue of children being free and not under the parents, with the parents not having rights to discipline them. The Holy Quran teaches children not to utter a word in front of their parents even if they are wrong, this closes the door for children to call the police and ask for action against parents. The parents are asked in the Quran of having the responsibility to make their children a perfect person, no government intervention is allowed and neither are they responsible. Quran states the parents will be asked about the upbringing of their children. Even so much so that if a child does one noble deed the parents earn the rewards for that deed in heaven. Quran speaks of a society where children have to be obedient to parents and have to accept their total control.

2. The issue about marriage is very important, Quran gives very high importance to the institution of Marriage and terms all other physical relationships between a couple as void. Quran says marriage is important for humans to give birth to a new generation of God-loving people. Marriage has to be entered to give birth to children who will live by the word of God. God also says he kept pleasure in the physical relationships of a couple so that they may reproduce a new generation of Gods humble servants. If today people understand the reason behind marriage and accept it in its true word and be focused on giving birth to and upbringing children who hold all values of a God-fearing person. They will never leave each other looking for pleasures elsewhere. This responsibility will be clearly in front of them which they will be obliged to fulfill.

3. The third issue is the lack of strong punishments by the judicial system making people immune to the law enforcement agencies, Quran talks about equal punishment as to the act carried out. If a person commits murder he gets murder, he commits theft his hand gets chopped off. These capital punishments are very easily objected too by human rights activists. In truth, the data can be collected, Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest crime rates. As the capital punishments are implemented, people respect others and never dare to commit a sin. For all those who argue against the capital punishments, I ask them to put themselves in the shoes of a women who has just been raped, would a few years sentence to the offender satisfy her? wouldn’t it leave a big urge of injustice in her heart. All the people who are victims to such heinous crimes support capital punishment due to the fact that capital punishment is the only way a future rapists and killers fear doing such acts.

To conclude, my whole argument simply explains one simple phenomenon, human being is a creation and is at the mercy of its creator for physical needs as sunlight, water, air etc and also spiritual guidance. If humans think they are smarter than God today they are bound to fall again and again and again. God is the one who can bestow is blessings and teach humans how to build a true society where there is love for all and hatred for none. As long as people find ways to break free and find so-called liberal heavens where they imagine they are answerable to none, they lose the meaning of life. Without the existence of a creator we have to go back to there is not reason or justification of life one can give.

I hope people of this age can open their eyes before it’s too late and see that Islam is truth and wisdom sent by God himself. We are also lucky to be born in the age when the great reformer who was professed by almost all religions have come. He started the Jamaat e Ahamdiyya and res-eructed the true Islam. He is a die-hard servant of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and brings no new teachings but clears all dust which had been set on Islam by the acts of misguided individuals. Let us today accept the truth and let us accept the Jamaat e Ahmadiyya which is the true Islam and bring peace and a heavenly society for all humans.

An Ahmadi Muslim



JI, Muslim Brotherhood partner to ‘promote Islam’ – The Express Tribune

JI, Muslim Brotherhood partner to ‘promote Islam’ – The Express Tribune.


Which Brotherhood? Which Islam?

The phrase “muslim brotherhood” and “promote Islam” look just the kind of news every mulsim wants to be hearing, the glimmer of hope which is getting dimmer and dimmer suddenly gets ignited

But after reading the news, after the dust settles on the storms of thoughts and expectations a simple question puzzles most, Who is in the muslim brotherhood and which Islam has to be promoted?

The brother hood is a distinct term to many muslims now, ironically most brothers are ready to kill each other because they call each other non muslims and eligible to kill. There are more Fatwas for killing muslim brothers than fish in the sea. I fail to understand which brotherhood we should look out for?

Secondly the term Promote Islam, puts one into greater mystery. Which Islam are we talking about here? even Google looses count of the number of sects and different schools of thought now. Many dont even pray behind each other.

The news made me go round and round in circles and finally a mere glass of chilled water was the only solution I could find.

I hope and seriously pray one day justice and truth will prevail and we shall live happily ever after.