Why such apathy?

The birth and death of a human being used to be the most contrasting extremes of Human Evolution. One causing great jubilation and a true sense of a supernatural miracle bringing ecstasy and delight in the eyes of many families. On the other hand, death by unnatural means would bring devastation to the whole neighborhood, community, city even to the whole nation. Social bonds were stronger than anything, brothers were not only those who shared the same surname, brothers were those who were inhabitant of this pure piece of land we lived on.

These tales are not at all of some ancient distinct land, neither did I use  ” Once upon a time”  above. This was what our beloved country Pakistan was like some 50 years ago. The 1965 war with India was a symbol and an extra ordinary bond among us. I have heard from many elders, how people would rush to give blood for a wounded civilian no matter what his religion was, he was a Pakistani. Many people telling me about the passion of youth who would give blood 2-3 times on a single day just to help others. We are from the same generation, we share the same elders now. What is wrong with us? Why dont we feel such pain ? why doesnt the passion of justice and equality flush our eyes with blood, but our hearts melt with humanity?

Only few days back, a school teacher Master Abdul Qudoos, who was known for being a very pious and noble person, was abducted by the Police in Rabwah, Punjab. There was no case registered against him, he was interrogated by the police and was forced to sign a false declaration which said that he and his senior members of the Ahmadiyya Community were behind a recent murder in the city. The school teacher was tortured on not signing the deceleration, by rolling wooden rollers over his body, hung upside down and hit with bars. This caused so much internal bleeding that, the teacher had to be given 16 bottles of blood in a local hospital but still his blood vomits would not stop. There was no case registered anyone, the whole city was in shock. He was a noble person who leaves behind small young children. Do we care? There was not even one news channel who aired this news or government representative who condemned this act, no action has been taken against  any of the brutal police officers.

What has happened to the nation? why such apathy? what about the poor children and the widow he left behind? We still are sons and daughters of the same generation, who gave their blood for justice. Why cant we raise our voice to demand justice for the blood of Master Abdul Qadoos.

Finally I must commend the efforts of tribune who was the only only paper to publish this news. Also @etribune must be commended for publishing a twitter alert when all over twitter people were trending #justiceforqadoos.

I hope we raise our voice further and make sure it makes a difference, so that every drop of blood shed in this country is not spilled and allowed to dry out. Come the days when every drop of blood will be protected not looking at its color, beliefs, ideology but for being part of us. Come back the days when the pain of any Pakistani becomes our pain. Come the days when you can I make this piece of land Paradise again and say:

Love for all, hatred for none.